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[Webinar Recap] Skyscanner Insights: New World of Travel event

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What you will learn:

  • How the travel market reacted during the pandemic
  • How bookings changed
  • What travel products are now sold and where
  • What emotions clients are feeling due to COVID-19
  • Upcoming market changes


Skyscanner prioritizes safety during trips. That’s why the company added several safety indicators on the website, as well as a rating scale and map to help clients understand the situation and choose the best travel option. Skyscanner also surveyed customers to find the right solution at this point. Naturally, the safety issue includes different aspects for every passenger based on their age, risk of death due to COVID, and other personal criteria.

Here are findings of the UK customer survey

  • 78% of UK travelers intend to go abroad if the quarantine time upon arrival back in the UK is reduced from 14 to seven days
  • 69% of UK respondents agreed to pay for testing for COVID-19 to avoid self isolation upon arrival

Changes to demand due to COVID-19

  • Increased interest in one-way flights

  • APAC countries see a heightened demand in domestic travel
  • Booking windows have decreased, as many travelers book their trips in less than seven days prior to departure
  • Russia and Germany are leading countries in terms of bookings that are made in less than seven days before departure
  • International flights operate in Germany, South Korea, and Australia, while they are shut down in Brazil

International destinations with growing inbound tourism

  • +508% growth of flight tickets search from England to Spain
  • +2,700% growth of demand from Singapore to HongKong

Week-over-week data, time period isn’t specified.

Results of study spanning 250,000 clients across 19 countries

With the increased number of COVID cases in the country, people have become less positive regarding the situation. You can see this trend in the US market, as the graph below demonstrates.

Customers worldwide believe that domestic travel markets will recover faster

What influences your decision whether or not to travel abroad?

Emotions around COVID-19

What influences your decision to book a flight ticket?

Risk attitudes

How the travel market will change in the future

  • Low cost carriers will still be favored by clients, but they won’t be economically viable. Some airlines won’t be able to operate for a year or more, with the exception of Wizz Air, which has a huge financial cushion.
  • We might see extra long-haul flights gain popularity, as people won’t like to do changes along the way.
  • The way demand will recover varies a lot for different groups of passengers. Thus, all age groups have different health risks.
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