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Everything you need to know so you can use TAC like a pro.

What is TAC?

TAC (Travel Affiliate Club) is the only existing travel affiliate community for travel webmasters and solo entrepreneurs from all over the world, who are keen on travel and are interested in its monetization. Our goal is to help webmasters learn from one another to increase their profits and grow the niche together. With TAC, you can compare affiliate programs and pick the best one, post suggestions and make a difference in the travel market together with its leaders! We love the travel industry, so let’s make it better together! 

How to use it

At the moment, we are working to build a community forum. Until then, you can communicate with your peers and travel professionals in our Facebook group or Subreddit on Reddit. It only takes 30 seconds to register, and you’ll be able to leave comments and reviews on the website. All the registered users will have access to unique events and promotional campaigns when the community forum is launched. 

What’s allowed

We encourage friendly relations among community members, so TAC allows any communication among webmasters as long as the community etiquette is observed. 

  • Compare affiliate programs and select the best terms. 
  • Leave reviews on affiliate programs and consult your peers. 
  • Follow the news of the travel market, marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular. 
  • “Like” the news and leave comments.
  • Share the news and information about affiliate programs on social media.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to receive TAC news, the latest features and promotion campaigns! 
  • Community etiquette

TAC community is aimed to help travel affiliates communicate, share and learn from each other. This space is built for travel enthusiasts to grow their expertise in marketing, monetization, blogging and affiliate techniques. Besides the fact that we value your opinion, please respect other members of the community. We want our community members to have an enjoyable experience and thus we don’t tolerate and sanction:

  • Any insults and offensive content in any form (text, images, etc), related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, physical appearance, race, age or religion.
  • Aggressive behavior, threats or incitement of violence, intimidation, harassment, stalking, off-topic sexual images or behavior and any illegal activities
  • Unsolicited discussion about products and services 
  • SPAM and off-topic content and comments
  • Misrepresentation or taking the identity of someone else

These rules apply to all the TAC content, including our blog, forum, comments and other parts. Your account will be terminated should any violation of the code happen. We advise you to be careful with granting access to your account to other people, as you are responsible for any activity occurring under your account. By publishing any content here, you transfer rights to TAC. You can submit promotional materials if it is valuable for the TAC community, but we reserve the right to remove any content that seems irrelevant to the discussion. Kindly uncover any commercial relationship that you have with the promoted products and services. If you are concerned about any materials on the TAC blog, forum or any related pages, kindly contact us at

How to add a program

Help us become the strongest database for travel affiliate programs to encourage solo entrepreneurs from around the world to stand up for their ambitions and inspire people to have better travel experience. 

Do you know an affiliate program that is not present on TAC yet? Fill in this Google-form and leave a request for the offer so that we can add it to the database. We will review your suggestion in 72 hours. Thank you for your help!

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