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65% of Google Searches Don’t Lead to Site Clicks

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A large study by SparkToro states that 65% of Google searches don’t lead to site clicks. According to research by Rand Fishkin, the head of research firms SparkToro and SimilarWeb, in 2020, nearly 65% of mobile and desktop searches ended without anything being clicked:

The statistics show that the rate of no-click results for desktop users is only 46.5%, while, for mobile users, this number is as high as 77.2%. Such statistics are also signaled by the growth of paid searches and the frequent use of voice search. Often users ask a question in a search engine, but do not go to a specific site. Instead, they quickly seek an answer to their question among the results.

For comparison, similar indicators over the past year were only 50%. At the end of last year, a record level of no-click requests was recorded. All this leads to a drop in website traffic and income for webmasters.

Share your opinions on what to do in such a situation to maintain traffic and income?

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