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How to write affiliate product reviews in 2020

How to write affiliate product reviews

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You don’t have to be a professional blogger to succeed in affiliate marketing, but it’s important to have well-developed writing skills. And no content inspires a purchase better than a product review, representing a realistic and objective perspective and unobtrusively showing how this product or service can solve readers’ problems. In this article, you’ll learn how to write affiliate reviews that sell and build trust with your audience.

Why write a product review for an affiliate offer

If you plan on joining affiliate marketing, product reviews are a great way to increase the conversion rate for your links. Readers are looking for a solution to their problems, and writing affiliate reviews that are well-developed and detailed can incentivize people to try a particular product, bringing you a commission.

Second, objective and relevant posts will help build trust and a solid community. The key to success here is honesty. Don’t try to mislead your customers by sugar-coating the product information. By talking about the benefits only, you’ll undermine your authority and credibility, while people will continue searching for realistic and honest feedback on other websites that they find more objective.

Steps to writing a product review

Every post on your blog, social media platform or website must be unique, no matter how similar or dissimilar the products you prepare affiliate reviews about are. The customers shouldn’t have the feeling that they are reading copy-pasted content over and over again. Regardless of your target audience and the product you introduce, there are some standard steps you should go through when writing a review for affiliate marketing.

Find your target audience

Try to find the target audience who has a special need that you can focus on. Take time to imagine the kind of customer that would benefit from your review. The more you understand a potential buyer, the easier it is to start writing affiliate content that sells.

Many marketers begin with offers that target a wide audience as to not take a risk with a niche product. You can do it too and write Amazon product reviews for affiliate websites. Amazon is trusted by many customers around the globe, and you won’t have to take a wild guess as to whether the audience will like a niche-specific product.

Focus on offering a solution

A product review isn’t supposed to be mere advertising, it should be realistic, and no product has advantages only. Customers want to know whether the product can solve their issues, and you can show in which way your solution will help them.

It’s highly recommended to try the product yourself before writing a review. You will be sure you are giving good advice and your review will be more personal and thus more inspiring.

Highlight benefits

While it can be boring to go through long descriptions, many people first look at the product benefits section. Arrange the positive features in such a way to catch your reader’s attention straight away. Consider using bulleted lists to make the description more readable. Don’t limit the benefits to just the product itself – think about the brand!

Use social proof

Around 86% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. Social proof will show potential customers that the product you promote is gaining popularity among users and is efficient. You can either browse the existing reviews and feature them in your post or reach out to regular customers and ask them for an exclusive interview.

Offer alternatives

By offering the same category of products from different brands, you will show your readers that you actually care about solving their issues rather than just selling a particular product. Indicating alternative options addresses two goals: increasing sales volume and building trust with readers. Customers are mostly wondering about alternative options just because they want to make sure that the product they buy is the best of its price category. Your task here is to research the market and show how the product you promote is better than its alternatives.

Add summary

The summary box presents the highlights of your review in such a way that readers almost instantly get the general idea of the post. It especially helps those who don’t have much time to read the entire review to understand the major points quickly and still get your message. Below, you can see a great example of a review with a summary box.

Add summary

Normally, summary boxes contain sections such as the product advantages and disadvantages, price range and more. It is usually located at the very beginning of the post to be the first thing readers see when opening the review.

Product review examples

Here are some examples of product reviews created for popular travel services and review example

This post about is a classic review of an affiliate product. It presents both advantages and drawbacks of using this service and includes the following sections: Claim, product overview, possible drawbacks and the competitive advantage. Those who don’t want to look through the whole post can check the summary box with the highlights.

What’s nice is that the content is divided into subcategories to highlight strategically important pieces of information. This design concept is stylish and minimalistic, and it presents the most essential information for evaluating the product by other readers, most importantly. It would be even better if the author specifies the number of users who comment on the given product. review example

In this review, the focus is set on a well-known hotel booking resource named It includes a short description, rating, verdict and the review itself.

First, the author presents Agoda’s advantages for travelers such as highly discounted rates and multiple search filters and then discusses in which ways this platform is different from alternatives. For example, Agoda offers price matching and allows clients to subscribe to price alerts. Finally, the reviewer expresses a personal opinion, saying that Agoda is suitable for hotel reservations, but not vacation planning.

The review also features a few screenshots of the Agoda’s home page and offers. All in all, this post is a positive example of an affiliate review, objectively presenting the product features and comparing it to alternatives.

Affiliate product review template

Once the product review is done, make sure you’ve covered all the points by checking with our list:

  • Summary box
  • Offer a solution instead of advertising
  • Highlight the product advantages objectively
  • Try to test the product yourself and personal experience
  • Add social proof
  • Offer alternatives to give customers more choice
  • Use a clear call to action

This is only one of the possible templates you can follow to create quality content. Depending on your own knowledge and skills, you can build your own template that would be the most convenient for you.

How to write affiliate product reviews

Writing a product review is a great technique to increase conversion rates. It’s important to remember that a good review is about offering a solution to your readers rather than simply selling a product. To make it useful, try out the service yourself, share your experience and gather opinions of other users.

You can start by writing a review, and if it goes smoothly, create product review affiliate websites to generate higher profits.

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