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How to choose high paying CPA offers in 2020

How to choose high paying CPA offers in 2020

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Ready to swell the ranks of affiliate marketers and be part of that success story? First, you need to select the top CPA offer for your business. The best CPA offers are the ones that not only promise high payouts but also deliver good conversion rates, cater to your target audience needs and generate more return than you spend on promoting them.

What is a CPA offer

A CPA offer is a type of affiliate program using CPA payouts. CPA, or Cost-Per-Action, is a payment model where affiliate marketers charge advertisers for each qualified action taken by users. It can be filling in the contact form, purchasing a product and more. Further, a CPA offer in the context of affiliate marketing is an affiliate program that pays marketers for each time users complete a certain action defined by advertisers. In some cases, website visitors should click on an ad, while in others they should proceed to purchase to earn a reward for the affiliate.

By contrast, in CPC (Cost per Click) offers, advertisers pay affiliates for each click on their ad, which is, naturally, easier to achieve. But most advertisers look for tangible results such as purchases and subscriptions. That’s why they favor CPA networks and offers and are usually ready to help affiliates by providing them with relevant widgets, banners and other incentives.

Where to find CPA offers

To be able to choose the best offer, you need to know where to look for it. The simplest way is to Google it, but if you want to resort to dedicated services, there are CPA networks, aggregators and affiliate forums where publishers discuss the most interesting campaigns that you’ll learn about below.

Also, never forget to check whether your favorite service provider has an affiliate program, thus, you’ll be promoting the product you really like, which is a direct route to success.

CPA networks


There are multiple CPA networks that accumulate cost-per-action offers in one or a few niches and mediate affiliates and advertisers. In a way, they are beneficial, offering publishers a wide choice of programs to sign up for, track their results later in a single interface and receive a combined payment.

Some of the most popular networks are ShareASale, CJ and Awin, to name a few. They comprise affiliate programs from various niches, such as finances, travel, education and more. In this blog post, you can find some of the best CPA affiliate networks available today.

CPA aggregators

CPA aggregators

CPA aggregators are platforms that present various affiliate offers and networks and allow you to compare them. They are somewhat similar to search engines for affiliate programs. It takes time and effort to manually select an offer to join, as you need to compare multiple offers on their payouts, terms, allowed traffic types and more.

Aggregators can save you this trouble by comparing programs for you. One such example is Affscanner. It allows you to find a desirable program for a certain niche, country, network, payout, allowed traffic and rating. Such services are free for users, they only charge for listings.

Affiliate forums

Affiliate forums

With the growing popularity of affiliate marketing, the community grows as well. Publishers, as well as advertisers, share their knowledge and experience and ask for advice from more seasoned colleagues.

Why don’t you make use of this free information to find the best affiliate offer for your blog? Not only will you get relevant reviews and tips on how to succeed, but you’ll also be able to build business relationships. Here are some forums to explore: AffiliateFix, Affilorama, STM Forum, WarriorForum, DigitalPoint and affLIFT, to name a few.

Alternative choices are social media and Q&A platforms, such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups and more.

How to choose the best CPA offer

The first thing that wannabe affiliates look at is payouts. Naturally, the higher the reward, the more you’ll generate by the end of the month. If only it was that simple.

The success depends on many factors all at once, such as the niche, conversion rate, allowed traffic sources, seasonality and many more. Below, we’ll look into the details of the most important variables that can influence your affiliate campaign efficiency.


The niche doesn’t have to be super trendy in order to generate income, as hype always increases competition. The best strategy is to go with the market you know something about. Thus, you’ll reduce the time that otherwise would be spent on learning about the market and get straight to promoting your campaign.

Ideally, you’d pick a niche that you’ve worked in and have knowledge about the target audience and so on, but choosing one of your hobbies can also do the trick, as the passion might make up for the lack of expertise and fuel the whole process.

For example, if you are keen on hiking, you must have already bought some equipment, tried out a few routes and have a general understanding of the pain points of a hiker. Thus, it’d be much easier to cater to the audience that you understand rather than dive into a new industry.


There are a few variables to pay attention to. First, consider the amount of commission you will be earning. Do not run for high incomes only. Sometimes it’s better to earn $1 10 times than $10 from one sale.

Research the niche and compare the ratio between your commission and effort. Every offer also has a minimum threshold, which you need to reach to request the payment from the advertisers. Some offers have a $10 minimum mark, while a few huge advertisers will only pay after you’ve reached $100.

Finally, there are various payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal and more.

Conversion ratio

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who clicked on your affiliate link, were directed to the advertiser’s website and completed the required action, for example, made a purchase. To calculate your ratio, choose a time interval, take the number of conversions that happened during this time and divide it by the number of website visitors, then multiply by 100.

Basically, the narrower your topic, the higher the conversion might be. Highly-specialized websites are usually visited by people who are interested in the market. There might be fewer visitors per month in comparison to a general “travel-lifestyle” blog, but more purchases.

What are the average numbers in affiliate marketing? It depends on many metrics, including the niche. Some marketers define a typical conversion rate to be 5%, while others go for 10%. And there are people who consider 1% to be the average metric.

Earnings per click

EPC, or Earnings Per Click, is an overlooked aspect of every affiliate’s success. This metric shows how much money you get for a hundred clicks on your link of a widget. To calculate the number, divide the total revenue by the number of clicks on a particular tool or link and multiply it by 100. This value can give you a better perspective on the income potential of a campaign.

Costs and sources of traffic

As long as you don’t have thousands of views every day, you’ll have to invest in traffic to start making conversions. In a successful campaign, the costs of traffic are always lower than the commission affiliates receive.

Another thing is where the traffic comes from. Advertisers might forbid particular source types such as direct advertising, traffic from social media, pop-up ads and more. You need to carefully check before applying for a campaign so you don’t get blocked and lose revenue later.

Design and landing page

When choosing an offer, pay attention to its landing page and design. It’s one thing to present an offer nicely on your website, but whether the visitors will convert or not is still determined by the landing page. It is also important that your blog and the product page correlate somehow and don’t confuse readers. Take time to study the screenshots of the offers you want to promote and check out what your readers will see in the end.


To monitor your affiliate campaign and stay ahead of competitors, it’s important to be able to check the results in real-time. Most programs allow you to do that in the dashboard of the affiliate’s personal account.

Affiliate networks are even more convenient in this regard, allowing you to monitor all the campaigns you run in a single interface. It is particularly important for tracking conversion ratio and other variables while running split tests of several campaigns.


Last but not least, the time of the year might be just as important as any other metric for particular programs. Seasonal offers provide higher payouts than evergreen products, but to have a high conversion, you’ll need to sign up for them at the right time. So, before choosing a product to promote, think whether it will be relevant to your audience all year round or just a few months per year.

Why you need to split test CPA offers

So, you have a few offers that seem attractive and promise high revenue. Before dwelling on one and dropping all your budget on it, consider testing these offers to find a winner or winners. Select up to three programs, place their affiliate links and widgets on your website, define a time frame and start promoting.

How long should a split test last for? You can wait until you have 100 clicks on each offer or set any other limit. Once testing is over, compare results. By the way, split tests are not only good for choosing the best offer, but also for selecting the right kind of tool placement and promotion. You can make a few different layouts for focus groups and see which one converts better.

How to find the best CPA offers to promote

Choosing the best affiliate program depends a lot on your audience, promotion techniques and more. For example, if you want to select a CPA offer for Instagram, take time to study strategies that have already proven their efficiency for other bloggers on this social network and pay attention to its target audience which is different from other platforms.

To find a CPA offer for mobile users, focus on mobile-friendly affiliate campaigns, and so on. There are many variables to take into account such as payouts, conversion ratios, earnings per click, traffic sources and costs, seasonality and more.

The highest paying CPA offers will give you the best conversion at the lowest cost of traffic. You might need to split test a few of them to find the best one.

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