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High Image Compression to Achieve Improved Website Performance: Is It Worth It?

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To improve Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed scores, many webmasters try to optimize images by compressing them to make the size as small as possible. Google confirmed that this strategy isn’t always the best way to improve your website’s speed and may negatively impact the ranking of your page.

John Mueller – SEO analyst from Google, called this “not a good idea”, arguing that page speed is just one of many ranking factors:

He also noted that users are unlikely to want to return to a page with such content.

If users don’t like the content, it won’t be able to convert to an action, even if you’ve met all the ranking factors.

Mueller also noted that optimizers need to find a balance between high load speed rates and optimal image quality. For example, try to optimize images to be the high-quality and simultaneously low size. This can be done with Photoshop or many free online services.

John Mueller is talking only about a strong loss of image quality, such as when it is impossible to recognize text, for example. Rationally reducing the quality of a picture in order to reduce its size may be beneficial.

Share in the comments what you think about image optimization and its impact on site rankings.

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