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The Go City Affiliate Program Review: Earn on Tours & Activities

According to the National Council of Attractions and Experiences, 85% of travelers include some type of ticketed attraction in their itinerary, while 47% book tours. This creates a good opportunity for affiliate marketers to start earning with partner programs from the Tours & Activities category. One of them is the Go City affiliate program, which you can learn more about in this post.

About Go City

Go City is a major travel ticket provider that helps travelers save up to 55% on tours and activities.

Go City’s website has more than 400 attractions across 30 destinations. The list includes popular tourist cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, and remote areas, such as the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Go City’s main advantage is the pass system. It’ll be convenient for travelers who want to visit several attractions in a limited period of time. How it works:

  1. The traveler selects from two, five, or seven excursions from the list of all tours and activities in the selected destination.
  2. The traveler pays for the pass.
  3. The traveler saves an electronic pass to their phone (for convenience, they can use the Go City app).
  4. The traveler shows the pass at the entrance to the attraction or event.

The pass is valid for 60 days from the moment of activation (visit the first excursion). Usually, that’s enough for a typical vacation.

Go City has a blog where travelers can find interesting collections of tours and activities. So, if the travelers, at the last moment, are considering an entertainment program or want to book a tour while they are already at the destination, they’ll have no difficulty choosing and buying those experiences.

Why Travelers Choose Go City

  • Saving Money. Go City passes save travelers up to 50% on tours and activities. But their excursions can be made even cheaper! Go City provides discounts for children’s tickets (children from 4 to 15 years), as well as group discounts (groups of 10 people).
  • Saving Time. Travelers don’t have to leave their hotel and stay in line to visit the attraction, event, or tour with Go City. They can buy tickets online, literally in ten minutes. And, yes, they can buy a pass even while standing in line.
  • No Paper Tickets. Go City passes are saved on the buyer’s mobile device, which means travelers don’t have to look for a printer to print out their tickets and worry about forgetting them on the table in their hotel room.
  • Freedom in Decisions. With Go City passes, travelers decide for themselves which attractions they’ll visit and when. They can change the itinerary of their trip or walk around the city. Go City Pass will always be with them and they can take advantage of it at any time.
  • No Rush. With Go City Pass, travelers can visit the sights at their own pace. After their first excursion, they have 60 days to visit the remaining purchased tours and activities.

Go City Affiliate Program

Currently, the Go City affiliate program is only available on the Travelpayouts partnership platform.

Here, travel agencies, owners of projects with coupons, and owners of content projects on social media, video platforms, blogging platforms, as well as those with their own travel sites can earn with Go City.

Go City is available in seven languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Advantages for Affiliates

  • Partner’s reward is 6% of each purchase and 3.4% for coupon/voucher partners. So, with one sale equal to the average check ($435.60), partners earn about $26.
  • The Go City affiliate program offers partner links and banners as tools. This is a universal set of tools that will suit partners with any type of project.
  • Wide range of products and practical pass system. Go City is suitable for any audience, including those who want to stay in the same city for a few days, those who carefully explore the country, families with children, solo travelers, those who want to visit popular attractions, and those who want unforgettable experiences in new, unexplored places.
  • The cookie lifetime is 30 days for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. Partners earn from every purchase that users make on the desktop and mobile version (but mobile app purchases are not rewarded).

How to Earn With Go City

  • Promote Go City in Your Most Popular Posts. Find your posts with the most traffic and views, identify the relevant ones, and add Go City partner tools to those posts.
  • Find New Posts Topics. To successfully promote Go City, you can write about your personal experience or how you managed to save on a trip with brand tours, write a review on Go City, or write about popular excursions in certain cities and countries.
  • Don’t Hide Partner Links. In order to switch to the brand website and buy a Go City Pass (and allow you to receive a partner reward), travelers must see the link to click. To dao this, use bold or other text colors to highlight the keywords with links.
  • Use the Call-to-Action. The call-to-action (CTA) is a piece of text that prompts your readers to perform a targeted action, such as clicking on a link to go to the website of the brand and start looking for suitable excursions.
    For example, you can use calls to action such as:
    — “Find excursions in the [city] at the best prices”
    — “Save up to 55% on excursions with Go City”
    — “Discover the best attractions in [city]”

Join the Go City affiliate program via Travelpayouts to earn in the Tours & Activities niche.

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