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Eye-сatching email subject lines

Eye-catching email subject lines

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About 105 billion emails are sent each day. To reach customers, you must provide a catchy subject line that will stand out from hundreds of other emails and inspire your readers to open the letter. Below are some essential tips on how to polish your subject lines and increase your open rate.

How email subject lines influence your open rate

Your open rate is the percentage of emails that have been opened out of the total amount of emails sent. It is a crucial metric for evaluating the success of an email marketing campaign, and here’s why.

Even if your email avoids the spam filter and reaches your reader’s mailbox, it doesn’t mean that subscribers will actually read it. However, a catchy subject line can draw attention and increase the letter’s chances of being seen, as 47% of people read emails only if they like the subject line.

21 best practices for writing catchy email subject lines

Below are some essential techniques and examples that will make your email subject lines special.

1. Start with action verbs

Start with action verbs

Action-oriented verbs (e.g. Read, Open, Grab) aim to inspire people to click and read your message by making it sound dynamic and vibrant. Actionable subject lines help readers envision themselves doing the action and, for this reason, are great at increasing your open rate. Here are some examples:

  • “Book your dream vacation today”
  • “Meet your new guide to travel the world”
  • “Get a head start on summer”

2. Make it personal

Make it personal

Personalization helps make readers feel closer to you. To do so, use names or locations in your subject lines:

  • “Travel bloggers from Europe must know that”
  • “This is where every German should go on holidays”

This method may be the best way to set up a comfortable direct conversation with your readers and make them feel special. Another way is to use personal pronouns, for example:

  • “This deal is especially for you”
  • “We know what you want for this winter holiday.”

3. Attract with numbers

3. Attract with numbers

Another effective marketing trick to win your audience is to incorporate some numbers into your subject lines:

  • “100 things to know about the modern travel community”
  • “Top 5 ways to increase your air miles”
  • “Book hotels 50% cheaper”

Numbers help your email look more valuable and can even increase the click-through rate by 36%.

4. Be clear and precise

Be clear and precise

Make your message direct and clear so that readers can easily understand what the email is about. Most people quickly look through their emails, so a long subject line with flowery language is unlikely to grab their attention for long, while a short and concise phrase will carry the message to the reader much more effectively. Here are some examples:

  • “Best holiday ideas for this summer”
  • “Life hacks to save on hotel stays”
  • “Best blogging courses”

5. Make your recipient wonder what’s inside

You don’t need to reveal all the contents of your message from the very beginning. Sometimes, in order to incentivize your reader to open the email, you’ll need to grab their attention and make them wonder what the message will be about. Consider adding some mystery with an incomplete sentence, metaphor, or ellipsis. For instance,

  • “Best destination for this summer”
  • “Overcome your competitors with this tool”
  • Or be even more mysterious with a line like “Show us yours and we’ll show you ours.”

6. Use list segmentation

To be honest, it is hard to please everyone. If you are targeting a large audience, consider segmentation, which allows you to categorize subscribers by location, demographics, etc. Then prepare different emails for each list. If used properly, this method will help you achieve a significant uplift in your email campaign.

For example, instead of using an overly general subject line, such as “Best travel ideas,” address younger travelers with “Where every millennial should travel,” middle-aged tourists with “Places to visit before you turn 40,” and seniors with “Incredible travel ideas for those who are over 50.”

7. Make it look like an offer or giveaway

Make it look like an offer or giveaway

Offers and discounts play well because people are always attracted by an opportunity to get something for free. For example, if you run a contest, reflect it in the subject line:

  • “Hurry up to claim your prize”
  • “Don’t miss the chance to win $100”

Even if you aren’t providing actual gifts, it is still possible to make the message look like a giveaway. For example, you can draw attention with a line like “An exclusive offer for you.”

8. Stay relevant to your brand

Your subject line must align with your brand, match your voice and goals, and be relevant to your niche.

For example, if you use a famous person’s name, that person should align with what you do or what kind of products you sell, not just as a means of attracting attention. Another thing to keep in mind is language: brands targeting younger audiences can use slang to make the message more relatable.

9. Add humor

Humor is another thing that helps distinguish your subject line from your competitors. A well-placed joke can earn you some major reputation points with folks on your wavelength, which will increase the likelihood of your email being read. While it might be hard to come up with comical subject lines for every newsletter, try this approach at least once to gauge the response of your specific audience. For example, try to use wordplay like in the example below:

10. Grab attention with controversy

A little bit of controversy in your subject line can be a good thing if it makes the email unexpected without being overly shocking. For example, “Everybody is lying: Why you shouldn’t believe travel bloggers.”

To use this approach correctly, you need to have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. Speaking about taboo subjects can attract people or push them away. Thus, try to consider your audience’s gender, age, nationality, religion, and other factors to avoid making your emails insulting.

11. Ask a question

Ask a question

Asking a question is another efficient way to engage your subscribers, especially if you ask something personal rather than something rhetorical. For example:

  • “Are you making these SEO mistakes?”
  • “What are you dreaming about this summer?”
  • “What are your customers saying about you?”

12. Use partial capitalization

Use partial capitalization

Capitalization is a proven way to attract attention, but remember not to get carried away. Use partial capitalization to emphasize the most important keywords that will trigger your readers’ interest. For example,

  • “Wow! These tips will help you EARN $100 a day”
  • ”DO NOT Commit These Blogging Atrocities.”

13. Make use of alliteration

Used correctly, poetic lines can capture attention just as effectively as numbers or giveaways. By adding alliteration (repeated use of consonants), you will make your subject line sound like a musical phrase (“Social Marketing: Bands, Brands, & Fans”).

14. Stick to a casual tone

Make your subject line sound like a friendly conversation with a casual tone. This may mean using personal pronouns, simple grammar, or even slang. In contrast to common, impersonal lines, write something like “Are you also thinking about hopping on a flight to Spain?” to make your message resemble a question from a friend.

15. Go minimalist with one-word subject lines

Another tactic that will differentiate you from your competitors is using one-word lines. This technique immediately attracts attention and makes your readers wonder what’s inside your message. You can combine this method with a call-to-action by using action verbs like “Open” or “Hurry,” emotive words like “Enjoy,” “Alarm,” and “Valuable,” or even greetings such as “Hey!”

16. Use scarcity tactics

Scarcity creates the illusion that you are offering a limited quantity of something important or that you are offering a limited-time offer. No one wants to miss out, which is why such an approach often works flawlessly for marketers. For example:

  • “48 hours left to get this course for free”
  • “Our promotion closes shortly.”

17. Don’t overdo it

Whatever strategy you choose, don’t go overboard. Using flowery language that is difficult to understand, exclamation points, or full capitalization will get your letter ignored or deleted, as these tactics look spammy. (“OPEN NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE TRIAL,” “50% off coupon today only!!!!!!!!”). Take advantage of spam checker tools that evaluate your email and help you avoid the spam folder.

18. Keep it short

If subject lines are too long, nobody is going to read them. Naturally, you want to say as much as possible, but so do your competitors. Stand out from the crowd by using short and informative lines. While some marketers recommend using up to 50 characters, others believe that line length should depend on the type of device most of your readers use.

19. Find the best time to send your email

Sometimes, it is all about timing. Mailchimp reports that open rates peak around 10 am, regardless of industry. Thus, 10 am might be a great time to send out your newsletter. 6 am and 8 pm also boast high open rates. As for days of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect for sending emails.

Over 100 inspiring email subject line examples

Below, we have collected some examples of successful subject lines that might help you create your own.

  1. Does your journey have a plot?
  2. Epic blogs that rule the web
  3. Have you chosen your next destination?
  4. Help, my content is sick
  5. Choosing a lucrative niche: dos and don’ts
  6. Can your business change the world?
  7. Blogs, trips, and money: how to combine them all
  8. We know how to help you rule the web
  9. Blogging is the future of journalism
  10. Travel bloggers here, travel bloggers there, travel bloggers everywhere
  11. OPEN now and receive a free trial
  12. How not to die: Tips on traveling solo
  13. Your blog is dead: How to make it profitable again?
  14. 10 ways to increase your blog traffic
  15. Find your ideal affiliate niche
  16. 100 things travelers need to know about other people
  17. Do you want to become a travel blogger?
  18. Get smart! Boost sales with our tips
  19. Do you know what your clients want?
  20. Travelers! A guide to the Harry Potter filming locations
  21. Best travel ideas for seniors in 2020
  22. Increase your email open rate by 300%
  23. Enjoy! Places for a perfect vacation
  24. Open yourself up to new adventures
  25. Is Washington the best place to travel to?
  26. 19 ideas for how to boost your social traffic
  27. Are you also thinking about traveling next month?
  28. 11 reasons why you should focus on mobile traffic
  29. The road to success: become a top affiliate
  30. Surveys are not the answer to…
  31. Wow! Crazy flight deals for February
  32. You might be the next millionaire
  33. Blog posts that sell
  34. Amazing ideas for blog topics
  35. The world is waiting for you!
  36. $10 today, $100 tomorrow: Why become an affiliate
  37. We have a present for you!
  38. Congrats! You’re invited to our private webinar
  39. Towards new adventures: flight deals for October
  40. All affiliates need to know this!
  41. Travel business: How to get quick gains
  42. Epic battle: Blogging vs. Vlogging
  43. 3 secrets for aspiring travel bloggers
  44. Limited time offer: Up to 40% off on our bestsellers
  45. 50% OFF on our travel guides
  46. We know you have a superpower!
  47. Unleash your potential with our free webinar!
  48. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!
  49. Our sale is in full swing! Don’t miss it!
  50. 20% OFF for everyone
  51. You’ve never traveled that cheap
  52. 10 ways to ALWAYS save on hotel stays
  53. Hurry up to register for our webinar!
  54. Don’t waste your chance to get a free hotel stay!
  55. Great Black Friday deals for affiliates
  56. You’re invited!
  57. How to boost your affiliate campaign
  58. The only way to succeed is in this email
  59. Do you want to know the secret?
  60. This is your last chance to join our free webinar!
  61. This weekend only!!!
  62. What kind of trip to choose?
  63. Ridiculously low prices on flight tickets
  64. Don’t be a fool by missing these deals
  65. We have a FREE promo code for you
  66. 6 days only! Christmas sale on everything
  67. Places to visit before you turn 30
  68. Hurry up to claim your present!
  69. Soooo it’s Christmas time
  70. Is this what you were looking for?
  71. Today only! Prices have never been so low
  72. Ends today: 50% sale on hostels in Paris
  73. What does every traveler dream of?
  74. Time to build your online empire
  75. Blogging: 5 emerging trends
  76. Media management tools that every blogger needs
  77. Why your blog doesn’t earn you money
  78. Earn an obscene fortune using this travel app
  79. Sail into the new year with cruises starting at $100
  80. Awesome tagline ideas for your travel blog
  81. Are you a millionaire yet?
  82. How to start earning money with your blog
  83. Become entrepreneur! From concept to product in 10 days
  84. How to earn money when traveling
  85. Start earning on traveling! 50% off on our online courses
  86. We’ll help you plan your dream trip!
  87. All the secrets of successful travel bloggers
  88. Tomorrow’s the day…
  89. Do you know how important this is?
  90. Monetizing your website: 9 crazy ideas
  91. Get them before they’re gone
  92. The biggest sale of the year on our online courses
  93. How to get 1,000 subscribers in 10 days
  94. Make big brands beg you to advertise them
  95. Travel agencies that you can trust
  96. Why blogging is for you
  97. How to rev up your travel blog
  98. Hey! It’s me. And I have a present for you!
  99. 3 Steps to a perfect blog
  100. BEST ways to promote your blog on social media
  101. Make a wish!
  102. This tool will rev up your travel blog!
  103. Skyrocket your profits with our online course
  104. 5 proven ways to get free content for your blog
  105. Special offer for our favorite clients
  106. Life is a beautiful journey! And we’re proud to share it with you
  107. Here! Hurry up to fly cheaper this year
  108. LAST CHANCE: 80% off on our travel guides
  109. How to get paid to travel
  110. Super tours for the Christmas holidays
  111. Know your competitors: best travel blogs to learn from
  112. We want to share a secret with you
  113. Flight destinations you don’t want to miss
  114. Cashback will save your business
  115. East or West? How to choose your travel destination
  116. Revolutionize your travel business!
  117. Time to treat yourself right

How to write catchy email subject lines

These techniques can easily get your email opened and read. To build a long-term strategic plan, try to combine different approaches and make each email stand out. Naturally, the content of your newsletter should be relevant, catchy, and useful, but your message will only reach subscribers if they like your subject line. It’s time to start!

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