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TOP 37 essential Google Chrome extensions for affiliate marketers

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Work smarter, not harder. Running an affiliate blog requires a lot of time and effort. However, the Internet abounds in digital tools that can help you automate your workflow. We’ve collected a list of Chrome extensions for affiliate marketing that might help improve your content, SEO, ASO, email marketing, and more.

Content marketing

Chrome extensions for content marketing allow you to collect information, check grammar and spelling, bookmark relevant blog posts, and simplify your workflow in many other ways.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

This amazing cross-platform application and extension for Google Chrome will allow you to save the information you find while surfing online. You can:

  • Take screenshots
  • Mark text right on those screenshots
  • Bookmark webpages
  • Capture information as notes, to-do lists, etc.
  • Create notebooks for text, imagery, audio, video files, etc.
  • Scan printed documents and leave comments
  • Create a planner

Evernote offers both free and premium plans that allow for team collaboration and other advanced features.



Feedly helps you bookmark articles, as well as email, tweet, or share webpages on Facebook.

You can follow various sources and Feedly will select articles by keyword, publication type, and trendy topics. You can also “train” Feedly by clicking “Less Like This” if you don’t like the selected posts.

The free plan allows you to follow up to 100 sources and organize them into three feeds. If that is not enough, upgrade your plan to Pro, Pro+, and Business for USD $6, $12, or $18 per month, respectively. The AI assistant is available on the Pro+ and Business subscription plans.

Google Keep

Google Keep

This is another extension and cross-platform application that allows you to save text and images, link to websites, and add notes. All changes are immediately saved and synchronized with all devices using the extension or application installed. Plus, the service is totally free.

Similar Sites

Similar Sites

This Google Chrome extension allows you to find pages that are similar to those you are reading. This is extremely useful for many business and personal goals, such as doing research, analyzing competitors, shopping smarter, etc.



Grammarly is one of the best tools for affiliate marketers who need to produce content in English.

The free version of the extension allows you to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, style of writing, etc. Grammarly can operate within your browser by analyzing text as you type, or you can copy your text and check it on the Grammarly website.

The premium subscription helps improve readability, enhance vocabulary, detect plagiarism, and make your writing better in many other ways.



LanguageTool allows users to check for spelling and grammar mistakes in more than 25 languages.

The tool works as you write on numerous platforms, including Facebook, Gmail, etc. You can also copy your text and check it using the LanguageTool editor.

The premium subscription offers wider opportunities to ensure error-free text. It also features an add-on for Microsoft Word.



Sniply adds a call-to-action every time you send a link to someone, which motivates the addressee to visit your website. The tool understands when you are copying a link and offers to embed your message into the page.

Sniply can be integrated with social media and allows you to monitor the number of clicks you’re getting, as well as the level of engagement with your content. It’s a great tool that you can use for blog promotion to capture leads, sell products, drive traffic, etc.

There is a 14-day free trial and four plans available.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus helps you pick synonyms and antonyms right from the toolbar in a couple of clicks.

It’s a very useful tool for when you are creating content and can’t come up with the right word. This tool saves time and makes your work more comfortable to read.

The extension is free to use.

SEO and Website Analytics

We have selected a few affiliate marketing extensions to help you with search engine optimization and make the analytics process easier and faster.



TextOptimizer helps you analyze the content on your website and adjust it to be more search engine friendly.

The tool evaluates the text on a scale of 0 to 100, optimizes it for Google and Bing, recommends keywords, and suggests topics relevant to your writing.

You can analyze text for free, but the Chrome plugin is only available through the Pro plan.



This free Chrome extension allows you to analyze any page you’re viewing for metrics such as Page Authority or Domain Authority.

The tool also finds and highlights keywords and differentiates links by type.

The Pro subscription unlocks additional features, such as keyword difficulty, page optimization advice, deeper SERP analysis data, etc.



The NoFollow extension highlights no-index, do-follow, and no-follow links while you’re surfing the Internet. Thus, you don’t need to look them up manually, which will save a lot of time.

The extension is free to use.

SEO & Website Analysis

SEO & Website Analysis

This extension helps you check the webpages for usability issues, readability, search engine optimization, discoverability, or mobile friendliness.

You can use this extension for free and no account sign-up is required.



The SimilarWeb extension provides you with a wide range of metrics for any website in your toolbar:

  • Website Rank (globally or within a particular region)
  • Visits Over Time (bounce rate, visits per page, monthly website visits, average visit duration)
  • Geo Location
  • Traffic Sources

You can use Similar Web for free, but there is also an Enterprise Solution.


Social media is an important marketing channel. You can enhance your presence there with the following affiliate marketing plugins.



This extension allows users to surf the Internet and schedule content at the same time.

Buffer supports all main social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This extension is integrated with the Buffer platform, which offers wider marketing opportunities and a free trial for subscriptions.

Pinterest “Save” Button

Pinterest "Save" Button

With this extension, you may save any picture to Pinterest and find or share it later. Moreover, thanks to built-in visual detection technology, you can find similar pictures in a second.

The extension is available in 30 languages.

Save to Facebook

Save to Facebook

Save to Facebook allows you to put aside any content that you like and come back to it later.

Access your collection at any time by clicking on the “View All” button in your browser to organize content by topics.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another area where automation might play right into your hands. You can track your campaign, schedule emails, set up reminders, etc.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

This extension helps you get ahold of all your email campaigns and communications. You can schedule emails, set a reminder to follow up if no answer received, track sent emails, and receive read receipts, etc.

The free version includes all the basic features that a marketer needs. You also can enjoy a 30-day free trial to check professional plans.



If you need to send out tons of personalized emails, track opens, and follow up automatically, GMass is one of the best tools to use.

You can merge information from Google Sheets, create recipient lists, and send emails as a reply to your last conversation with each recipient.

GMass is a premium tool with three subscription plans (starting from USD $8.95 per month).

Gorgias Templates

Gorgias Templates

This tool helps you write emails much faster by creating templates out of the pieces of text that you use most often. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to insert greetings and email endings in just a few clicks. It’s also possible to share templates with your whole team.

Gorgias Templates integrate with Outlook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

This extension is free.

Right Inbox

This is another amazing extension for managing massive email campaigns. Right Inbox allows you to add templates to your emails, track opens, set reminders, automate follow-ups, integrate with CRM systems, etc.

The free version includes scheduling and setting up reminders for 10 emails per month (tracking is not included), as well as five templates and signatures max. The premium subscription offers unlimited features.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales

This extension allows you to track emails, add templates, schedule meetings, use CRM for Gmail, etc.

These features are available for free with a limited capacity, but you need to sign up on HubSpot to have access. Automated personal outreach and unlimited emails are available through the paid subscription.



With WiseStamp, you can add a signature or company logo to your email in just 30 seconds.

The tool is integrated with Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and AOL. It’s also possible to add social media buttons and link your profiles.

The free version includes one signature only, while the premium subscription offers unlimited signatures. There is also an option for corporate use with pricing available upon request.



Another Google Chrome extension for Gmail that helps you build business relationships.

You will receive a notification when the recipient opens an email, clicks on the link, or opens attachments you have sent. Moreover, Yesware can count how much time the prospect spent reading your attachment. All these details can be synchronized through a CRM system.

Three subscription plans are available for USD $12, $25, and $55. Premium subscriptions offer personal templates, reminders, email scheduling, campaign management, reporting, etc.


App store optimization is an important part of application promotion. We have selected a few applications to help you get statistics and analyze your competitors.

Apple Search Ads & ASO

Apple Search Ads & ASO

This extension helps track the popularity score and keyword search volume for your application among Apple Search Ads. This is a great start for improving the visibility of your application!

You can start with a free trial and then choose among three premium plans starting from €29/month.

ASO – Google Play Short Description Viewer

ASO - Google Play Short Description Viewer

With this extension, you can check a short description of any app from Google Play, which would usually be hidden and only available to lookup as HTML code.

This tool will allow you to do research on competitors much easier and faster.

Play Store Reviews Chrome

Play Store Reviews allows you to download all reviews on your application from Google Play.

You must login to Google Play, choose the app, and then press the extension’s icon to let it gather all the reviews. They’ll be downloaded in a .zip archive that contains the following details: star rating, app version, guest name, and review.

The extension is free to use.

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is a popular form of online advertising that many marketers choose. You can significantly facilitate your work by automating processes as keyword research and tag troubleshooting (to name a few).

Keywords Everywhere

Check the cost-per-click and monthly search volume of keywords on more than 15 search engines and platforms, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

With the free version, you’ll see related keywords, while monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data are available with a paid subscription.

PPC NegativeKeywords

This tool allows you to add negative keywords for better targeting during an advertorial campaign for search engines. Make a list of negative keywords and upload it into your campaign to speed up the process.

You can upload up to 30 words/month with the free plan and unlimited keywords with the premium subscription.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

This extension helps detect installation issues with Google Tags, such as Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc.

Just open any page of your website and Tag Assistant will verify whether all tags have been installed properly. The extension will report any errors and provide an overview of the presented tags.

Tag Assistant is free to use.


Below, there are other useful tools that don’t fall within any particular category, but can still be valuable for affiliate marketers.


This is one of the most popular extensions to hide ads while surfing the Internet. Thus, pages will load much faster.

Moreover, the tool protects your privacy by blocking third-party trackers.

AdBlock is available in 24 languages and is free to use.


Bitly shortens links and helps monitor click statistics for affiliate links in the Chrome extension. Links can be shared on social media right from the extension.

There are three subscription plans available: Free, Basic (USD $29 per month), and a customized solution. You can create up to 1,000 shortened links per month and even personalize them for free, while unlimited options are available through premium plans.


Ghostery is useful for blocking ads and trackers when browsing. The tool speeds up page load time and optimizes performance.

The Ghostery extension is available for various browsers and is mobile-friendly.


The LastPass Chrome extension is a password manager. It saves all your usernames, passwords, shopping profiles, etc. The only thing you need to remember is your LastPass password.

While basic features are available for free, you can upgrade to Premium or Family plans to access advanced options for USD $3 and $4, respectively.


With this extension, you can create and share screenshots fast and easy. It’s also possible to:

  • Edit screenshots
  • Search for similar screenshots
  • Download, share, or save your screenshots to the cloud

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

This extension allows you to open Microsoft Office files, as well as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. There is no need to install MS Office separately. Save files as Google Docs or keep the original MS Office format.

This extension supports the following formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx.


This tool is useful for managing your Google AdSense and Google Ad Exchange campaigns. It allows you to view information on your ads, block ads, and access the account overview from the toolbar.

Touch VPN

This popular extension allows for anonymous browsing. Touch VPN helps you visit any blocked website and keeps you protected, while connecting to an unknown hotspot.

The tool is completely free and easy to use, as you can activate Touch VPN in a single click.

Best Chrome extensions for affiliate marketers

It might be a great idea to make use of Chrome extensions for affiliate program promotion. It all depends on your campaign, but most tools are free to use, so you can experiment with them and choose the most convenient ones.

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