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Best social networks to promote your brand on

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With rapid technology development, social networking has become a major part of our life. Nowadays around 3.8 billion individuals are registered on social platforms, and that’s where brands are trying to reach them now. Thus, 51% of small, 58% of mid-sized and 85% of large companies are actively using social media for business promotion. This post presents 17 popular networks and messengers to build your reach on in 2021.

Today, there are dozens of social media platforms available on the internet. They vary by coverage, target audiences, presented features, advertising options and so forth. Below, you will find a description of 12 most popular social networks and 5 messengers, plus what they can offer brands for promotion.


Facebook is likely to be the first social platform to come to your mind, as it’s often considered to be one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses. Why so? Facebook can boast up to 2.8 billion users daily, it encompasses all demographics and makes users spend quite a lot of time on the site. Also, 1.6 billion users follow at least one brand on Facebook, which makes it a perfect marketing tool for various purposes, such as:

  • Communication with followers
  • Sharing company updates
  • Building brand awareness
  • Gathering data about your audience
  • Creating a review strategy
  • Delivering customer support

All sorts of content will work perfectly here—texts, pictures, videos, etc. Also, Facebook may offer different types of advertisements (via photos, videos, stories, carousel, etc.), targeting through different filters (locations, populations, behaviours, etc.), Ads Manager to evaluate and enhance your promotions, and Creator Studio for planning posts. The platform can boast high return on advertising spend (ROAS) from contributed advertisements, which makes it perfect for marketing purposes.


YouTube is a free video sharing website and the second most popular search engine, with 3 billion searches and 2.29 billion active users per month. There, brands can publish videos to share their vision, culture, and history, as well as present useful tips for the audience on how to use the product, etc.

This kind of content greatly helps raise brand awareness, build authority in the niche and acquire customers, as 70% of people purchased from brands after they saw them on Youtube. The platform also suggests various types of visual ads, targeting and analytics tools for better outreach and evaluation of marketing performance.

In addition to increasing reach, you can also monetize content on YouTube through affiliate programs, YouTube Partner program, collaboration with other bloggers, and more.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing app with more than 1 billion users each month. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, allowing Facebook users to launch advertising campaigns, although it remains a separate platform in other ways. On Instagram, you can share different kinds of visual content, such as photos and videos in the form of a post or a short-span Story, as well as conduct live sessions or publish IGTV videos.

If you switch to a business profile, which is absolutely free, you can access detailed analytics and use it to improve your strategy. Also, you can extend outreach with relevant hashtags and schedule posts via Creator Studio or third-party instruments like Buffer, Onlypult, SMMPlanner and so forth.


Tumblr is a microblogging platform, where users can share various types of content such as texts, pictures, links, music, etc. There are over 496 million blog accounts, and you can reach the public from 16 to 34 years old, who turn out to be very active.

While it may seem challenging to hold any marketing campaigns on Tumblr, the platform still deserves your attention. For example, add clickable links to your posts redirecting users to your advertisers’ sites. Or reblog the posts of other users referring to you to build connections. Note that your content should be original, and Tumblr forbids directly asking subscribers to reblog or like your posts.

Additionally, you may arrange your profile by trying various themes (you can select between free and paid, or create one of your own if you’re skilled in HTML). And eventually, you can reach a wider audience by equipping comment apps like Disqus.


On TikTok, users post short videos up to one minute long, although the platform is planning to extend the allowed length. TikTok’s public is mostly young people—teenagers and Generation Z. The platform is quite young, but it already has 689 million active users monthly, so it may be just one of the best social media for business!

TikTok is mostly used by companies to build brand awareness and reach more users. While you can only add links to your bio, similar to Instagram, the platform provides various advertising options. Solutions include brand takeover, in-feed ads, hashtag challenge, branded effects, and more.


Twitter is a social network mostly used for discussing news across various niches, especially in politics, entertainment, and more. It boasts over 353 million monthly users and 186 million average monetizable daily active users. On the platform, you can share tweets up to 280 characters, and people take advantage of them to share latest updates.

In contrast to Instagram or TikTok, you can publish links in your posts on Twitter, which makes it a perfect business social media for affiliate marketing and brand promotion. Companies can make use of advertising tools like promoted tweets, follower campaigns and trends, as well as targeting options.

And, companies report that 80% of their customer interactions happen here, so you can take advantage of the platform to connect with your clients. Since 2019, the referral traffic of the program has risen by 6 percent which makes Twitter a popular advertising appliance.


Reddit is a network of communities, where members share links, text posts, images, and videos, which other users can then vote up or down. Discussions are arranged by topics, and gathered in subreddits.

Today, the platform boasts over 430 million monthly users and provides ample opportunities for marketers to engage with their audiences. Advertising options on Reddit include targeting, takeover advertisement, promoted posts and visual aids, and Reddit ads dashboard to measure campaign performance.

However, Reddit is known for its negative stance on explicit brand promotion, so it’s important to be careful when sharing links. You can use this social media for business promotion if you put effort into sharing useful content and building relationships with other users without looking too spammy.


LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals and companies with 756 million registered members. It allows businesses to reach more consumers, hire new employees, share company updates, and network with niche experts. You can also stream lives, set up a Showcase Page and reach the right audience with the help of special filters. All of this makes LinkedIn the best social media for business marketing and lead generation.

Promotion options include text advertisements, sponsored InMail, sponsored content, or dynamic advertisements. You can check your campaign performance with LinkedIn Analytics.


Snapchat is a social network for sharing photographs and video recordings. The content remains available for 24 hours, so the platform can be best used for posting real-time updates and promoting events.

Snapchat has 238 million active customers per day and presents various possibilities for marketers, including ad targeting, various ad formats (such as pictures, visual aids, stories, etc.) and Snap Pixel for evaluating and improving advertising campaigns.

To launch a marketing campaign here, you need to generate a content plan and think of your positioning first. For example, you can build a narrative series with the help of Snapchat Stories by splitting them into different parts. These campaigns will be efficient for creating buzz around upcoming events.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, where people can search for images and save them on their boards. It has over 400 million monthly users and is popular across different generations from millennials (36%) to generation X (34%) and boomers (18%). In the US, it’s used by almost a half of women and only 17% of men. What’s more Pinterest can boast quite a well-funded audience, with 35% of users earning over $75,000.

Take advantage of Pinterest to share beautiful pins and encourage users to save them as well as click the link and go to your website. For example, travel bloggers can create pins for their blog posts and products and services they promote. Pinterest also allows for posting a short description for each picture, so you may add context and increase the number of clicks.

And among valuable features for advertising, you may find Pinterest advertisements (standard, video, carousel, etc.), targeting, and analytics. Thus, Pinterest may be included in the listing of the best social media sites for businesses to advertise.


Medium is an online publishing platform where writers, bloggers, and experts share their vision. Today, it has over 60 million registered accounts and allows both beginners and professionals to publish their content free of charge.

While Medium doesn’t have any marketing tools, it still can bring organic traffic to your webpage and help connect with a broader public. You can add links, videos, audio files, and other types of content. Moreover, it’s possible to set up targeting by keywords to rank higher. This makes Medium one of the good social networking sites for business advertising.


Quora allows users to ask questions and receive answers from other people on various topics. This is not only a place where you can find information and discover industry trends, but also show your expertise and build authority. Quora allows marketers to share links in their comments, so you can take advantage of that option and send traffic to your site. However, remember to stay relevant and focus on bringing value.

Quora boasts over 300 million monthly users and strives to be friendly for brand promotion. It provides the following features for marketers:

  1. Targeting (contextual, audience, behavioral, etc.)
  2. Promotion (text, picture, or promoted answers)
  3. Quora Ads Manager for estimating marketing campaigns and optimizing them

Best messengers to promote your brand on

It’s also possible to promote business in Messengers. Here are five most popular apps and their features for label advertising and growth.


Messenger was introduced as a Facebook tool, but in 2021 it became a separate platform. Nowadays, the platform counts about 1.3 billion monthly users and provides ample outreach opportunities for marketers. Messenger can assist in getting leads, connecting with your audience and providing support. For example, you can set automatic replies, greetings, or away notifications to nurture your customer service. Also, you can produce and customize chatbots for dealing with questions, delivery tracking, booking, etc.

But unfortunately, it may have some drawbacks like no end-to-end encryption and few promoting features. Keep that in mind when conducting Messenger marketing.


Although WeChat is mostly used in China, it boasts 1.22 billion monthly users as well as rich functionality. For example, you can send messages, make video calls, do shopping via WeChat Pay, play games, receive governmental services, etc. If you already have Chinese followers or plan on extending your reach to China, we’d recommend you to take a closer look at WeChat.

How can you do marketing here?

  • Publish interesting posts so the users can share them
  • Create loyalty programs using geo-location services to offer exclusive discounts, promos, and turn users into loyal members
  • Launch a store and post pictures of your products. E-commerce is a popular feature on the app, and users can purchase directly on WeChat
  • Advertise through influencers. Take advantage of their followers’ loyalty to raise your brand awareness and increase the number of followers and sales
  • Make use of QR codes. Upon registration on the app, each company gets a unique QR code that consumers can scan to subscribe to its news or reshare it with others. And you can add it to your website or wall columns to raise label awareness.

As for advertising tools, it’s possible to use WeChat Moments, Official Accounts and Mini Program/Games announcements.


It’s a public networking application, which is used by over 260 million consumers to send instant messages and make calls. Users can also share stickers, pictures, animations, videos, etc. If you decided to add Viber to your advertising strategy, here is what you can do:

  1. Create your Viber community. You may add up to 1 billion people and allow them to chat, receive messages, likes, curate communication and perform research
  2. Publish posts with photographs, visuals, and highlight the events related to your organization
  3. Create your Viber stickers so that users can download them and subscribe to your channel
  4. Use public chats to introduce your brand, products, or services

Also, Viber may provide quite a rich advertising kit for marketing campaigns. And among advertising options, you can use Viber Chats, Calls, Post-Calls, Explore, and so on.


WhatsApp allows users to send messages and make audio and video calls. On top of it, they may share pictures, animations, visuals, text and audio materials, user locations, and so on. With over 2 billion registered users worldwide, WhatsApp may be used for business goals like:

  • Setting up a business account
  • Responding to user messages
  • Preparing automatic replies
  • Creating catalogues and demonstrating items in the application
  • Getting in contact with your colleagues or employees
  • Networking with niche experts


It’s a fast-growing application for sharing instant messages, voice calls, and video calls, with over 500 million monthly users. Just like other messengers, Telegram empowers consumers to share pictures, videos, music, documents, locations, etc. But what distinguishes it from the rest of the apps is the opportunity to create huge group chats (up to 200k individuals) and public channels where you may share content and promote your services. While Telegram doesn’t provide many advertising options, you can use it to offer client services or design chatbots.

Best social networks to promote your brand on

Since social networking websites have become a major aspect of our lives, companies are actively growing their social presence across different networks. As they offer different features, coverage, and advertising options, it’s important to analyze your audience and focus on platforms that will allow you to reach most followers.

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