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9 best flight affiliate programs to join in 2020

9 best flight affiliate programs to join in 2020

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When it comes to finding the most appropriate way of traveling, airline services are always in demand. Plenty of travel bloggers benefit from it by joining flight affiliate networks and promoting their offers. Flight tickets usually cost a lot, and affiliate commission, in this case, is always tangible. Below, you’ll find a list of ten best flight affiliate programs to join in 2020.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model pairing advertisers with affiliates who promote advertisers’ products on their websites in return for a commission on sales each time the buyer proceeds to purchase from the affiliate’s website.

Travel niche is a fertile ground for affiliate marketers, as many people travel during their holidays and always look for advice on accommodation, airlines, car rentals, excursions, etc. The higher the order price, the bigger the affiliate’s reward. Naturally, flight tickets present a very lucrative earning potential. To start making money, you need a page on social media or a travel blog. Some webmasters go one step further and build an affiliate flight booking engine to partner with multiple airlines at once.

Best flight affiliate programs

The growth of the travel industry can make it hard to choose one company to partner with. With all the variety, we have chosen several credible brands that provide an excellent service, offer high affiliate rewards and can be useful for both start-uppers and experienced marketers. Before joining, make sure to look through all the policies indicated by these programs.



Travelpayouts is the largest travel affiliate network. It accumulates flight affiliate programs from JetRadar, KAYAK and Besides, with Travelpayouts you can also sign up for Omio and 12Go, offering multimodal transportation options such as flights, buses, and trains.

Marketers can join one or a few offers at once and earn up to 3% of the flight ticket cost.Payments can be processed through bank transactions and PayPal. It’s easy to join the network, even if you don’t have a website yet, just use your social media profile. Travelpayouts provides marketers with a vast array of promotional tools:

  • Search forms
  • Text links
  • Banners
  • White Label
  • API
  • WordPress plugin
  • SDK


  • Up to 3% commission
  • Fast and easy registration
  • A wide range of affiliate programs in a single interface
  • Low minimum payout


  • You’ll share revenue with the network
  • High minimum payout for bank accounts ($500)

Join Travelpayouts.


Jetradar is a global affiliate flight search engine comparing airfares from over 1,000 airlines worldwide. It also allows users to book hotels and rent cars in most popular tourist destinations. Affiliates can earn up to 70% revenue share and are eligible for 5% referral commissions with no cap. Payouts are available via various payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal, etc. What’s more, you’ll get access to White Label and other promotional tools to increase the conversion, such as:

  • Banners
  • Search boxes
  • White Label
  • API
  • Link generators


  • A strong brand accumulating offers from over 1,000 airlines
  • Up to 70% revenue share
  • API and White Label are available
  • Various payment methods


  • Commission is paid for bookings and not for clicks
  • Many types of traffic are forbidden, i.e. contextual advertising
  • Cookie lifetime is a standard 30 days

Become a Jetradar affiliate. is one of the world’s leading booking platforms for flight, train and bus tickets. Its affiliate flight search engine accumulates data from more than 750 air carriers worldwide. Affiliates receive a 3% commission on each sale made through their link. For example, for €350 booking, you will get a €10.50 reward. The cookie lifetime is a standard 30 days. Upon becoming an affiliate, you will be eligible for the following promotional tools:

  • Search box
  • Banners
  • Text links


  • A strong brand
  • High commission on flights
  • Access to the most popular world’s airlines


  • Commission is paid for bookings and not for clicks
  • More tools are available upon request only
  • The cookie lifetime is a standard 30 days

Become a affiliate.


KAYAK is a search engine for flight tickets, hotels and car rentals worldwide. KAYAK collects information from multiple service providers in a matter of several seconds and displays the list of available travel options so that users can compare the price and find the best deal. As a marketer, you can have a 50% revenue share of each completed reservation made through your link. Join the program if you have a travel blog or a website with a section about tourism. Email marketing is also permitted, but with prior approval. KAYAK offers the following promotional tools:

  • Widgets
  • Links
  • Banners


  • An established brand and the market leader
  • Generous affiliate reward
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Specific geotargeting (the United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Spain, Germany and France)
  • You can join the offer through affiliate networks only
  • Short cookie lifetime

Become a KAYAK affiliate.


Skyscanner is another popular flight ticket search engine with a global presence. It is well-known for offering the cheapest prices in the market, so clients can be sure that they always see the best deal, and not just the airlines Skyscanner partners with. Apart from flight tickets, you can book hotels and car rentals. The platform is available in 22 languages and supports booking in various currencies. Skyscanner offers a 50% revenue share to its affiliates. In order to generate sales, publishers are provided with various promotional materials, exclusive deals and tools:

  • Widgets
  • Text links (with generator)
  • White Label
  • API (for selected partners)


  • A strong brand, popular especially for flight ticket bookings
  • White Label and API
  • Real-time reporting


  • API is only available to selected partners with large projects
  • Joining the network directly is possible for large businesses only
  • Smaller project should apply through affiliate networks

Become a Skyscanner affiliate.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor, as the world’s biggest travel company, might be a good solution for affiliates. It has gained popularity due to the thousands of reviews for travel services and destinations it accumulates from tourists. Many people check this resource when looking for practical tips on how to plan their vacation. Marketers are paid 50% of the income Trip Advisor earns on bookings. You can only join the program through affiliate networks. Here is a list of tools available for the offer promotion:

  • Text-links
  • Banners
  • Content widgets
  • Deep linking


  • World’s leader in the travel market
  • 50% revenue share
  • Dashboard with real-time reports


  • Not many tools are available
  • To join the offer, you’ll need to register with an affiliate network

Become a TripAdvisor affiliate.


Momondo is a global search engine for travelers, offering flight tickets, hotel deals, car rentals and vacation packages. It is a free service offering real-time prices that are fully transparent, with no hidden extras. Affiliates can earn from $0.45 to $0.65 for each user clickout from the flight search results page. Here are the tools to promote the offer:

  • Banners
  • Text links
  • Deep links
  • HTML links


  • Established brand, part of KAYAK Group
  • Up to 75% revenue share


  • Commission is paid on flight tickets only
  • Not many affiliate tools are available

Become a Momondo affiliate.


Cheapfaremart is a global search engine for flight tickets. Here, customers can find the best deals from over 200 air carriers and lock the price for a certain time. The cancellation is free. On events and holidays, the platform offers special discounts. Affiliates can earn on flight tickets and insurance reservations. The commission depends on sales volume, thus you can get anywhere from $12 to $16 per booking on flight tickets and anywhere from $5 to $7 on insurance packages. The cookie duration is 90 days. Cheapfaremart offers the following tools for affiliates:

  • Customized text links
  • Banner links
  • Advanced travel search links


  • 90-day cookie lifetime
  • Incentives on high-volume bookings


  • Offer is available through intermediaries only
  • The company disburses payment through check only

Become a Cheapfaremarket affiliate.

Last Minute Travel

Last Minute Travel is an online booking platform for a whole spectrum of travel options such as hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals and sights. It supports over 30 languages and currencies. You can join the offer via affiliate networks. The commission differs for each intermediary; for example, with Viglink, you can earn 3% of the booking cost for flight tickets and hotel reservations and 2% for cruises. Affiliates receive promo codes, coupons and many other promotional tools, such as:

  • Banners
  • Data feeds
  • Tracking links


  • Leading travel provider
  • Multilingual platform
  • Mobile-friendly
  • White Label is available upon request


  • Available through intermediaries only
  • The commission depends on the network

Become a Last Minute Travel affiliate.

How to find the best flight affiliate programs

If you have a travel-related blog, it might be a good and profitable idea to monetize it with leading affiliate offers. To make money on flight tickets, research the available programs that would suit your audience, check their terms and allowed traffic types and use the appropriate promotional tools such as banners to attract attention and speed up sales. Your readers won’t overpay just by clicking on your link, but it can be a source of passive income for you.

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